Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My bad Carma continues

I won't fill you in on all the gory details, the short version is whilst taking my car to prepare for trade in, it broke, big time. So I've been carless for nearly three weeks now and it's really starting to bug me. To make things worse, the car I was about to buy turned out to be not a good deal so I'm back to square minus one. Lucky I have my sewing group to look forward to - borrowed the MOTH's car to get to our group on Saturday - it broke on the way home. Now some would call that an unfortunate coincidence - the MOTH wasn't one of them. Luckily he managed to read every Peugot manual in existence and by the end of the weekend it appears to be working. I'm staying far away.

Now on to the real reason I'm here, before getting ready for work. I often think of old style battles before I go to work at this time of the year. You know the kind - when the troops woke up, had a cup of tea, and then started charging at an appointed time. It's a bit like that at work - every morning I need to brace for the coming onslaught. But again I digress.

Had a fabulous day at sewing Saturday - very rowdy - funny - creative - absolutely enjoyable in every way. It really lifted my spirits (until the car thing) thanks girls - you are all angels.

Phebe is coming along, but the little bits don't appear as much progress

I really love this quilt with a passion. My stash is very old and the oldest pieces were bought at Di's shop so I'm sticking to her fabric choices when I can. I know that's copying, but hey - why tamper with perfection. Besides I'm all decisioned out by the end of the day and I don't want to stuff it up. Darling girl even gave me some of her favourite pink fabric for the main flowers. It's a really stunning colour. Thanks Di, I'm ready to chop into it. Also the beautiful red in the central flower. I'm leaving the urn out for now and I'm on the hunt for just the right piece. It doesn't impede progress since I can work around it completely.

My other progress was finishing my CC&C top

I really like it and I'm no longer looking for the mistakes or the mismatched corners. Thought about basting it for quilting and then realised I didn't have any backing - der - it can wait.

Why are both my pictures crooked? I really am losing it.

That's me done - better get ready to charge. I hope your week is peaceful, enjoyable and without vehicular mishap.

Breath deeply,



Liz said...

Oh Deb, sounds like you need the deep breath's! I love your progression on Phebe, she's coming along just nicely. Quiet and calm stitching, just what you need by the sound of it. Have a really good week.

Teresa Rawson said...

I LOVE PHEBE!!! How very beautiful...I had a close look-see at all the lovely fabrics you are using...they are perfect. I love the birds/wings, red flower in center...really all of it is to die for. The CC&C is also very lovely...I've been collectin a few cheddars...you are making me want to do something with them.

i had that kind of luck (?) with cars 3 years ago. It will pass, and so will the feeling that it has something to do with you. LOL

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

PatchworkRose said...

Phoebe is looking just gorgeous. Just love the old fabrics. Sure wish I had some of those in my stash too. The joy of going into a quilt shop and finding a really old repro :-) I agree with Liz Best Medicine - A quiet stitching corner with a Do Not Disturb sign up and a Good Talking book to block out any unwanted sounds.
Take Care Have a great Week

Lurline said...

Your applique is so beautiful, Deb - and the fabrics, wow! I'm sorry now I didn't do the CC&C - I had all the fabrics out and fell by the wayside!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Taryn said...

Your Phoebe is lovely. I bought that pattern when I got the CWB pattern and have been stashing fabrics away for it ever since. I think I like your hill color better than mine, though. sigh.

Unknown said...

Just to let you know I saw the urn fabric at Somerset Patchwork in Mt Waverley - its the exact same fabric!!

wishes, true and kind said...

Sorry you're going through a rough patch, but I can definitely see progress on the gorgeous Phebe.

Janet said...

Some weeks the stars are just not aligned right. The CCand C is looking fabulous, it's a nice feeling to get it together. Your block is coming along, it's going to be a stunner, love the fabrics too. Have a better week.

Meghan said...

So what did you do Deb? Cross the path of a black cat? Break a mirror? Walk under a ladder? Hard to believe that car number 2 broke down on the way home from sewing! I understand entirely about the apparant lack of progress on Phebe, there are dozens of little pieces and it takes time to finish just one of the daisys, let alone the whole of the centre medallion.

Meghan xx

Anonymous said...

Pictures may be crooked but no little feet in them.....
Sorry about your car. It was sooo hot Saturday too. It can't be karma because you are just too good. It might be spending too much on fabric & not enough on the car? I can relate to that.
Anyway, beautiful Phebe work.

Lori said...

Among all the break downs and work hassles your applique is absolutely beautiful!!! Great finish on the CC&C too.
Hang in there it has to get better!!

Sue-Anne said...

We have recently been through some car dilemas here so I sympathise with you.
There's nothing like getting together with sewing friends to debrief and relax after such a stressful time.
Phebe is looking great. I am really enjoying watching your progress.

Janet said...

I'm sorry you're having such a frusterating week. Your Phebe quilt is so lovely! I'm glad you're posting your progress. I like your CC&C quilt too - are you going to quilt it by hand?

John'aLee said...

Beautiful work...and just remember...'this too shall pass!' when the goin' gets rough!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Both your projects are looking very nice. What great fabric you chose for the Cheddar Cheese and Crackers! I'm sorry about your Karma, but I'm sure that it will turn to good karma soon.

jean said...

Deb, your Phebe is coming along beautifully. Shame about the car but maybe it was all meant to be if the car you were about to purchase was a bad deal. Love the cheese and crackers.
I hope things get better from here

Cardygirl said...

Goodness me...it is so hard when car "things" happen! It si exasperating to say the least! Phebe is stunning...a beautiful job! Hope all is improving!

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